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              Document Translation

              We specialize in Laws, regulations, contracts, agreements, electronics, automobile and fianance, etc. 


              We can make your documents, advertises, software, webiste, games to be easily understandable and acceptable in local territories.


              We appoint experts in languages and technologies to proofread or trim each document we translated.


              We are able to complie or create  in foreign languages: using instruction to products, specifications, investment reports, academic pape, etc.

              Language Technologies

              Language Technologies

              management of terminologies, preparation of phrase database, management of projects, video & audio maker, etc.


            Fields we specialize in
            Languages we can translate
            Malay  | Indonesian  | Uzbek  | Norwegian  | Hungarian  | Persian  | Mongolian  | Danish  | Arabic  | Czech  | Italian  | Thai  | German  | Portugal  | Spanish  | Korean  | Russian  | French  | Japanese  | English  |